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November 27, 2018

Why wouldn’t you want a pre-listing inspection for your home?

Most sellers expect that potential buyers will have the home inspected after they make an offer.  But what if the home SELLER beat them to it?

At the Marc Gup Real Estate Group we strongly encourages our sellers to consider a pre-listing inspection of their home.  Some sellers resist.  This is typically because they do not want to invest the $400-500 for an inspection. Yes, a home can sell without a pre-listing Inspection. However, as a seller, you may be leaving a lot more money on the table by not taking the initiative to have your home inspected before listing it.

Reasons to not want a home pre-listing inspections                                                                                                                    

As a buyer

  • You want to buy a home you intend to bulldoze
  • You love surprises

As a seller

  • You can’t afford to pay for a pre-inspection.
  • You would rather put the money towards other updates and improvements.
  • Once a problem is identified in a pre-inspection, the home seller is obligated to disclose this to buyers if the problem is not remedied.


Why get a pre-listing inspection?                                                                                                                                                               

  • Investing in a pre-inspection could help you to price the house to attract buyers, sell quickly, and avoid leaving money on the table.
  • Home buyers have more confidence in the seller’s (and home’s) integrity. This could mean better offers from buyers.
  • Fewer surprises for everybody. Home owners can choose to disclose any problems found and price accordingly, or fix it before they list the home.  Likewise, knowing the condition of the house can alleviate the stress of worrying that a sale might fall through because of something that turns up in an inspection.
  • Pre-inspections can lead to fewer negotiations before the home closing. Buyers often ask for concessions and home repairs based on the results of the inspection.  A pre-listing inspection can help you avoid the typical interaction that follows a buyer’s inspection.

While there are some situations that make a pre-listing inspection undesirable (wanting to demolish the existing building, etc), for most sellers a pre-listing inspection is a proactive step that positions you to attract buyers and get the best price for your home.

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