Showing off your home in pictures

Kirsten Milliken, PhD

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November 27, 2018


Showing off your home in pictures.

As a seller, one of your jobs is to prepare your home to be seen by buyers.  You want to make the best impression possible.  Some sellers think this means making the house smell good with some home baked cookies.  But even before buyers step foot in the house, the Realtor will have pictures taken for the online and print listing.  This is often the very first impression a potential buyer will have of the home.  Until we have scratch and sniff listings, those home baked cookies won’t help.

As a Realtor I strongly suggest my sellers look online at other people’s homes to see what makes a home appealing in pictures.  If your house is painted in all neutral tones, I would not suggest painting accent walls to create some “pop.”  But it’s important to pay attention to making sure anything on the walls is hung straight, making the beds, and hiding any “stuff” that distracts from buyers seeing the home’s potential.

As a seller you may love all your pictures of family, kids toys, and your vintage glassware collection.  But this may not fit with the interests of potential buyers. You want them to see themselves- not you- in the house.  Clearing all but the necessities in a room can facilitate the buyer’s imagination.  Take a look at the pictures below and think about which image seems more appealing.

Neither of these is really “cluttered” or disheveled.  But in the first picture there are toys, items on the shelf, and a few clothes strewn about.  It looks like a “family home.”  What if the most qualified buyer is retired couple without grandkids?  By simply removing some of the “extra” stuff on the walls, picking up a bit and organizing the room in an open way, the room can look similar to the one on the right.  This provides a “blank canvas” for buyers to imagine themselves in the home. The Marc Gup team provides staging advice for our clients to help them, using the items they already have, to present their home in its best possible light, and outshine the competition!

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